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Apr 6, 2015 ... More Details : company is one high-tech enterprise, which involves R&D, production, sales and service...

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Sep 15, 2002 ... The influence of processing temperature on the reduction process (bed ... The metallograph photos of the specimens of DRI made of iron ore ..... the McMaster Process the stoichiometry of reduction reaction is: .... and the ware on top travel from one end to the other along a straight line (tunnel kiln) or a.

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iron, manganese and chromite ores, considerable ... reduction reactions is supplied by the addition of .... 1 Schematic representation of CSIR tunnel kiln. Table 1...

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FASTMELT® Process and the break- through ... RHF technology for the direct reduction of iron-bearing materials is not with the ... tionary high temperature, circular tunnel kiln. The feed to ... bon monoxide, which is produced by the reaction of carbon- reducing ... Iron ore concentrate or iron bearing wastes from integrated- or.

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Generally in any sponge iron process, reduction is conducted in a refractory lined rotary kiln. ... The coal and iron ore are metered into the high end of the inclined kiln. A portion of .... The highly endothermic reaction of coal with CO2 prevents the bed from ...... Hoganas plant in operation has two tunnel kilns and is capable of.


In this process water is added to the ore and is transported to several 4" steel balls ... The carbothermic reduction of iron ore takes place in horizontal Tunnel kiln. ... natural gas, while the maximum heat is consumed by the reduction reactions.

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In this process, iron cakes or moulds of iron ore concentrates are made by using ... The tunnel kiln consists of three zones: Pre - heating zone, Reduction zone and ... crucibles is very good, as there are no chances of backward reaction with air.

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metallurgy is one of the most important subjects in steel and cast iron ... Iron ore reduction. 7 .... Explain the application of first order reaction of metallurgical processes. ... and Kinglor – Metor process and Advantages of Tunnel Kiln process.

direct reduction of iron ore from tunnel kiln process - YouTube

Feb 13, 2014 ... direct reduction of iron ore from tunnel kiln process More details: Get the price of machines:...

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This process produces iron directly from fine iron ore concentrate by a gas-solid ..... Approximate hydrogen reduction rate of iron ore concentrate vs. reaction time ..... annually since the total retention time in the tunnel kiln is approximately 80...

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Jan 29, 2014 ... direct reduction of iron ore from tunnel kiln process. 4:36 ... iron powder manufacturing process from mill scale crushing equipment. 3:20...

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from iron ore. In this process, the iron ore is first subjected to a sintering process. The treated iron ... Coal-based DR in Tunnel Kilns. ◇. Fluidised Bed Processes ... Smelting is melting involving chemical reduction reactions. Smelting reduction.

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Feb 15, 2012 ... Untouched, low quality iron ores became worth to deal and ..... Reduction of Iron ore by Carbon follows below given reactions . 3Fe2O3 + C → 2 ... The second option is called as Tunnel kiln process which is mostly used in.

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reduction process takes place in a gas fired tunnel kiln at around 1200°C for. 60 hours ... descending column of burden materials [coke, iron ore and fluxes/additives] ... refined by oxidation reactions in contact with the injected oxygen. Iron-.

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The rotary kiln is operating with poor reaction kinetics,long reaction time and higher ... into the tunnel furnace by means of tanks for omitting pelletizing process,the heat ... of iron ores is helpful to further improve the coal-based direct reduction...

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Feb 24, 2015 ... with CCM, Rerolling Mill, Iron Power through Tunnel Kiln,. Coal Washery, Ore ... 3.5.2 Manufacturing process of Pig Iron through. Mini Blast ..... Beneficiation; Coal Washery; Tunnel kiln based metal ore reduction;. Fine Ore ..... is solid and gas reaction, the gas should penetrate the ore to take oxygen from...

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_ This invention relates to a process for selectively estab lishing and ... ing/f wherein the iron ore and various reduction products sintered and ... effect endothermic chemical changes in a reaction mass ..... tunnel kilns, rocking kilns, etc.

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rotary kiln process using calibrated ore and non coking coal. However, Rotary ... In the year 1908 use of tunnel kiln started for iron oxide reduction. This process was ... The total reaction is done as a compact bed inside the sagger. The actual...

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Article: Mathematical simulation of direct reduction process in zinc-bearing pellets ... on Direct Reduction of Nb-Bearing Iron Concentrate in Cylinder Reaction.


Direct reduction of iron ore by one or more processes un- der study by .... the blast and to provide good contact with the air for the chemical reactions that must ... ore in a vertical shaft furnace, a rotary or tunnel kiln, or other types of hearth or.


Höganäs sponge-iron process and the water-atomizing process. ... on reduction of iron ore, yielding a highly porous sponge-iron which .... These cars are traveling slowly through a tunnel kiln of approx. ... This reaction cycle continues until.

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By using tunnel kiln to produce DRI is that mix the iron ore concentrate, pulverized coal and limestone ... it into the tunnel kiln, when the material drum is heated to 1150℃ for reduction and cooling, iron ore ... The production process characteristic of tunnel kiln ... The normal reaction temperature inside kiln is 950——1180℃.

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iron ore pellets during their production increased with increase of reduction ..... Coal based rotary kiln process. ... Coal based DR in Tunnel kilns. .... to CO gas, the reduction reactions with H2 gas are mostly endothermic and favoured at higher.

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thermodynamics and kinetics of iron ore reduction and coal gasification, specifically ... kiln based processes are identified as possible suitors to the requirements. ..... Equivalence Ratio – The ratio of air actually supplied to the gasification reaction or process relative to the .... iron ore and coke mixture in a tunnel furnace.

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Dec 6, 2013 ... The tunnel kiln technology seems to be very good on the face of it, it consumes ... The only thing that has been published is that iron ore materials are mixed ... and correct sizing of the kilns or the reactions and thermodynamics of a ... more higher than any other reduction process, because it is very slow and...

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May 23, 2012 ... naces, shaft furnaces, rotary and stationary kilns, retort furnaces, ... The reduction of iron ore by direct processes is accomplished by the same chemical reactions that ... Effectiveness of Reduction Reactions for DRI.

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Find here Tunnel Kiln manufacturers, Tunnel Kiln suppliers, Tunnel Kiln ... During this process, chemical and physical reactions occur that permanently alter the .... The iron ore is processed through reduction process by the use of gas that...


Keywords: Sponge iron, tunnel kiln, energy e ciency, exhaust, pushing time, district heating ... the flows in the process is shown in figure 1. The tunnel kilns. Reduction mix. Iron ore. Sponge ... chemical reactions due to the reduction of iron ore...

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metallic ores' are unsuitable for the reduction process so they are beneficiated or concentrated .... The process may be subsequently hardened in a tunnel kiln.

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Jan 24, 2013 ... The method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the tunnel kiln reduction process ... including post-combustion of reduction reaction gas such as CO using excess air. ... In the conventional process, a mixture of chrome ore, reductants and .... The mixture of iron ore, coal is fed to a metallic reactor and claimed in...

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